MOLEWA will be constructed in the City of Ruichang. Approximately 40 km to Mount Lu, Ruichang has a population of 430,000 and is situated on the south shore of the Yangtze River. The great Bo Yang Lake is about 50 km to the southeast. The Mount Lu High Speed Train Station will be built in the city center, making it a fluxgate for millions of visitors annually.

 Ruichang occupies the geometric center of China's recently christened "Fourth Pole", the city cluster comprised of Wuhan, Changsha, Nanchang and Hefei, to rival the Beijing-Tianjin corridor, Shanghai delta, and Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong trifecta. With a population over 100 million, this cluster is seen as China's new economic and cultural engine as its economy settles on a more balanced and sustainable state. 

MOLEWA is a living and functional town center built on a site at least 300 mu in size. The master plan of the site sets out 18 plots of land on which buildings of the specified purpose will be constructed.

MOLEWA will commission 18 leading architects from around the world to design the 18 buildings. Each building will be the expression of the vision and talent of the architect, a permanent exhibition of his or her ideal, approach, and body of work, as well as a living facility of education. The developer of the Project is committed to realizing the design into buildings according to the agreement signed with the Architect.

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