Flower Ocean is part of the Hua Yan Township project. Creativersal won a contract from the Hua Yan Group to design a flower-themed park that deserves the name of “Disneyland of flower lovers”. After an international competition, CBA Landscape Architects, UK, was given the design contract.

Over a land of 80 hectare in area, Flower Ocean aims to give the visitor a total experience in botany and outdoor recreation, with a blend of dreamlike floral presentations and visitor-friendly activities centered on the appreciation and interpretation of nature. Festival boulevards, clandestine abodes, seasonal parks, an open auditorium, photogenic sculpture, bird and insect “hotels,” water taxi, children’s playground, a flower museum, and a sanctuary celebrating the garden heritage of China over the centuries are strategically placed in the expanse of the park, so that the visitor can walk from excitement to excitement with enough down time to relax and reflect.

Flower Ocean will benefit from the rich flora of the nearby Mount Lu, as well as being enriched by species imported from all over the world. The result will be an all-season display of familiar and exotic flowers, which will strike the visitor with both its massive scale and ever-changing look and feel.

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