In 2012, the Government of Hubei Province approved 1.3 billion CNY to build the new Hubei Science Museum. A centerpiece of the project, the Hubei Planetarium is to provide the visitor with a fast-faced education of the universe, solar system and space, using modern information technologies afforded by the latest advances.

Creativersal International accepted the invitation for the conceptual design of the Planetarium from the Hubei Society of Science and Technology in 2012. The Hubei Planetarium is different from many of its counterparts and forerunners in two regards: its detective story-like exhibition strategy and strong human-object and human-human interactivity within the museum and without. The visitor is posed at the schism of modern scientific thinking from myths and liberal arts and challenged/guided to create his own path by guessing what the next step might be, using his intuition and knowledge. The widespread use of mobile technology allows the visitors to form an impromptu in-situ community for game playing, as well as 24/7 access to the online information and interactive activities. Hands-on activities such as the roller-coaster ride within the solar interior and simulation of astronaut training are some of the other highlights of the Planetarium.

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