What is the MOLEWA competition?

Mount Lu Estate of World Architecture (MOLEWA) is a competition organized under the framework of the International Competition for Architecture and Town Planning, International Union of Architects (UIA).

What types of competition are there?

The competition consists of two types: the Professional and Student Competition.

Who are eligible for the competition?

1) Expert participant is NOT limited to the country/region that are the members of UIA. It is open to whatever countries/regions according to the UNESCO/UIA guide.

2) Student participant should have Chinese nationality according to the Conditions of Competition.

What are the competition categories?

The competition is organized in two categories: 1) Residential, and 2) Commercial/Cultural. Each of the 16 plots under competition is ascribed to one of the two categories. The category and nature of the building specified for each plot cannot be altered.

How do I participate?

You may go the to register as a potential participant. When you are ready to submit your work, please follow the instruction given on the website. You are advised to familiarize yourself with the competition guidelines and technical appendices published there.

Why must I register with the website before able to submit work?

The first reason is administrative. Your registration will help us build the necessary database so your submission can be properly tracked and checked. The second reason is informational. As Promoter, we would like to have the broadest possible participation from architects all over the world, especially those from under-represented demographic groups (e.g., female and young architects). This information is collected to generate statistics only. Your personal information is strictly protected and will not be released to any third party.

How is the competition adjudicated?

The competition is adjudicated by a professional jury approved by UIA according to the rules established byUN/UNESCO for the International Competition for Architecture and Town Planning. The evaluation is strictly confidential and based on merit only.

What is the timeline of competition?

Please note down the following milestones of the competition:

Announcement: 5 January 2015

Registration deadline: 5 February 2015

Note: Due to the popularity of the MOLEWA Competition, the deadline of registration has been extended to March 31st 2015

Q & A deadline: 27 February 2015

Note: Due to the popularity of the MOLEWA Competition, the deadline of Q&A has been extended to March 31st 2015

Work submission deadline: 10 April 2015

Notification of winners: by 31 May 2015

Public announcement of results: 15 June 2015.

How many submissions can I make to the competition?

As a qualified participant in the Professional Component of the competition, you may submit one piece of work to each category; namely, the maximum number of submissions you can submit is two (2), one for the Residential, and one for the Commercial/Cultural category. You may of course choose to submit to one of the categories only.

As a student participant, you may submit only one (1) piece of work to one of the categories.

What about the Project Promoter?

The Project Promoter is the Hua Yan Group headquartered in Beijing. Hua Yan is a leading cultural and tourism project developer in China. Signature works include the world’s largest Buddhist retreat in Hulunbuir and magical musical “Monkey King” in Cotai Central, Macau, both multimillion dollar productions.

What about the Project Manager?

The Project Manager is Creativeral International based in Hong Kong. Creativersal is a professional consultancy specializing in cultural and sustainability projects. You may browse this website for more information on Creativersal.

Who about the Professional and Technical Advisor for the competition?

The Professional and Technical Advisor for the competition is Chetwoods Architects in London. Chetwoods is also the master-planner of the MOLEWA project.

Do I need the authorization of my employer to participate in this competition?

Although we do not need an authorizing letter from your employer, we advise you to make sure that your submission has no confidential information or IP/copyright conflicts with your employer or clients in order to avoid potential dispute.

What would happen if I won a prize in the competition?

You would be contacted directly by the Project Manager to arrange for further steps.

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