How do I choose the plot(s)?

Each plot has been given an assignation as either for Professional or Student Competition. You must propose only to plots which fit your status of a Professional or Student participant.

There are 16 plots open to competition. Consult Plot Info for details for parameters and use specified for each plot. It is the intention of the Project Promoter to award one prize for each plot. Therefore, odds of winning in oversubscribed plots may be less than “peripheral” plots. This factor may enter into your consideration on what plot to propose.

What factors will be positively evaluated?

We seek designs that creatively reinforce the flower theme in concern with the Flower Ocean Garden, make innovative use of sustainability, has a strong cultural message, and exudes a lively international appeal.

What factors may detract from my submission?

You must avoid features that are a fire or safety hazard, impede access to or exit from the building during times of emergency, are vulnerable to breakage or premature aging, too expensive to realize, or demonstrate a wasteful use of space (especially in the residential category). Sloppiness in preparation of your submission may also cause the jury to look unfavorably upon the submission.

What flexibility do I have with regard to the project master plan and building specification for each plot?

You may not alter the plot size or shape. Neither can you change the purpose of the building. You have the flexibility to vary the total built area within +/-15%.

Where can I download the forms and design reference?

You can doanload the released documents at: There are Guideline, CAD drawing along with info forms and parameter guide. 

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