1. Project Description

1.1. Project Background:

1) MOLEWA stands for Mount Lu Estate of World Architecture.

2) The MOLEWA project is initiated as an imaginative solution to a significant socioeconomic problem in China. Architecture normally responds to a distinct need of a client, and the architect has little freedom to alter the environment or client requirements. Using architecture as a creative element of an active solution to a socioeconomic problem is a unique aspect of this project.

3) The problem under focus is urban development in China. The migration of country population into super cities has created added stress to the already stretched urban resources, resulting in widely reported incidences of overcrowding, pollution and substandard living. A national “new urbanization” in China strategy calls for a fresh approach. Rather than an unchecked flow to the big cities, the strategy endeavors to evolve existing medium-sized population centers naturally into prosperous, sustainable, clean and rationally distributed “new cities”. To be viable, these cities must not only be functionally complete and efficient, but also beautiful and pleasant. In this regard, architectural considerations must be integrated a priori into a strategic solution of the urbanization problem.

4) MOLEWA is part of an ambitious project founded on the above notion and a pioneer in exploring not only how “new urbanization” can be achieved but also how it can realize adjunct values such as promoting cultural tourism and architectural innovation.

1.2. Project Contents

The “Flower Ocean/Huayan Township” is a project of new urbanization located in Ruichang, Jiangxi Province.

1) Flower Ocean (over 80ha):

The “Flower Ocean”, over 1200 mu of vacant land (1 mu = 667 square meters), is one of the world’s largest flower-themed parks and will feature all-season displays of flowers on a massive scale, interpretative activity, natural habitats, and a “sanctuary” for China’s classical garden heritage.

2) Huayan Township (67ha) including MOLEWA (20ha):

North of the Flower Ocean, over 1000 mu of land, is the Huayan Township. MOLEWA, over 20 ha of land, is the central part of the Huayan Township and the subject of the present announcement.

3) MOLEWA International Competition:

Through an International Competition under the auspices of UIA, MOLEWA will commission 16 world-class signature buildings to form the heart of the Huayan Township, act as a permanent site to display different architectural styles and design approaches, and in so doing, shed light on a new path toward urbanization where sustainability of nature and diversity of culture are integrated with economic growth, and expressed through architecture.

4) Target buildings of the MOLEWA Competition

Of the eighteen (18) plots allocated to MOLEWA, sixteen (16) have been set aside as the subject of this competition, of which thirteen (13) will be open to professional competition worldwide and three(3) will be open to student competition. The student competition is restricted to Chinese nationals or teams led by Chinese nationals only.

5) The combination of a world-class tourist destination and world-class assembly of architecture is an innovation aimed to bring about a new style of development and to catalyze the emergence of creative designs. This offers an open design context which the contestant should take into account.

1.3. Project Objectives:

The MOLEWA project seeks to achieve tangible results in the following value points;

1) A practical way to new urbanization which focuses on the maximization of happiness and sustainability, and defines a new path of socioeconomic development

2) A permanent exhibition and celebration of world architecture as a tourist attraction

3) A conduit for architectural innovation, particularly in sustainable design

4) A platform for architectural students in China to propose daring and unconventional ideas and achieve worldwide exposure

1.4. Project Promoter:

Huayan Cultural Investment Companyltd.,

Suite 908, International Finance Building, 7 Finance Street, Beijing, CHINA

1.5. Project Manager:

Creativersal International,ltd.,

510-511, Nan Fung Tower, 173 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

The Project Manager works on behalf of and with full authorization from the Project Promoter to manage the entire process of the Competition.

1.6. Project Timeline

Major project timeline is as follows (See Section 11for the detailed timeline);

1) MOLEWA design is expected to finish by May31, 2015.

2) Construction will start early 2016.

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