5. Roles and Responsibilities of the Stakeholders

5.1. Promoter:

The Huayan Group as the project promoter assumes the following roles and responsibilities in the project;

1) Project definition

2) Establishment of review and selection standard

3) Selection of the jury

4) Appointment of the Professional and Technical Advisor

5) Responsibility for the fees, awards, and honoraria relevant to the competition

6) Implementation of the project

5.2. Professional and Technical Advisor:

Chetwoods Architects, 12-13 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0QJ, has been appointed Professional and Technical Advisor by the Promoter. In this role, Chetwoods Architects will perform the following tasks:

1) Formation of a technical committee to assist the jury in the adjudication

2) Display and dissemination of supporting information

3) Design parameter guide

4) Liaison and answering of questions from prospective contestants

5) Public relations management

6) Integration and accommodation of the winning designs by updating the original master plan

5.3. International Union of Architects (UIA)

The International Union of Architects (UIA) endorses and supports the competition as organized in conformity with the UNESCO-UIA regulations for international competitions in architecture and town planning and will:

1) Advise the Promoter on how to best achieve the project objectives

2) Recommend possible jury candidates

3) Announce the competition on the UIA websites, Facebook, newsletters, professional and international media, and information outlets of the UIA member sections and partner organizations

4) Advise the Technical Committee, acting under the supervision of the Promoter, on the organization of jury meetings in order to ensuretheir effective management

5) Assure that the competition conforms to the UNESCO/UIA Guidelines

6) Announce the results of the competition through the UIA outlets and give due publicity and professional exposure to the winning design

5.4. Jury

The international jury adjudicating the professional competition is appointed by the Promoter with input from UIA and other professional sources, and will:

1) Evaluate the projects based on the criteria established in the programme.

2) Make the final selection of winners

The same jury will preside over the student competition. As regards the competition process, the decision by the jury on the winning designs is final and binding.The Promoter will not respond to any dispute or challenge to the decisions taken by the jury.

5.5. Contestants

The contestant is the source of creative ideas and will participate in the competition in good faith and with a professional attitude, in strict adherence to the conditions of the competition.

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