10. Competition Process

10.1. Registration

1) Every registrant is asked to use a standard form available at the submission website ( to register. All entries on the form must be duly filled in. (See 6.2)

2) At the registration, every contestant may choose one or both competition categories (See 4.2) to which he/she would like to submit his/her proposal(s)

3) Every contestant can submit only one proposal per category

10.2. Design Preparation and Submission

1) The contestant shall download the submission form and supporting information from the website (

2) The conditions of competition and auxiliary instructions should be carefully consulted before the contestant starts the design process.

3) The entries must be sent on paper by post. They can arrive up to 14 days after the deadline provided that they are postmarked pre-deadline. A prepared address label can be downloaded and printed from the Promoter’s website and pasted on the submission envelope. In case the contestant would like to enter the address on his own, please use the following postal address: Chetwoods Architects, 12-13 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0QJ, United Kingdom. Mark clearly on the envelope that the package is “for MOLEWA competition.”

4) In order to minimize handling errors, as well as to give the contestant an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of his/her work, the contestant shall print all submission documents, drawings, and tables, according to the requirement in section 6.3. The printed materials should be of such a quality that the jury can view them easily in an exhibition hall setting. The Jury will evaluate entries on paper in person.

5) The contestant must also enclose with the postal package a CD/DVD/Flash drive which contains all the design documents, drawings, and tables in electronic form.

6) The contestant is asked to send an email to, to notify the Promoter the date and method in which his/her work was sent.

7) A message confirming the receipt of design will be sent once the Professional and Technical Advisor has received the submission.

10.3. Questions and Answers

1) Each contestant may, after his/her registration, send electronically his/her questions about the MOLEWA competition to the Professional and Technical Advisor, who will in turn send back the relevant answers. (As for the relevant deadline, see 11.5.)

2) Q & A for professionals and students will be handled separately.

3) Representative Questions/Answers will be shown in a FAQ section on the website, which will be maintained throughout the competition process and augmented as more relevant questions are answered.

4) Every contestant is encouraged to consult the FAQ before dispatching questions to the Professional and Technical Advisor.

10.4. Conformity Checks

1) The Technical Committee supervised by the Professional and Technical Advisor will verify that each submitted design conform to the conditions of competition and contact the contestant for any missing information.

2) The Technical Committee has no right to reject any design but will, however, alert the jury of submissions that are not wholly conformant.

-There must be NO contact with contestants whose identity will be in a sealed envelope/special file that will be opened only after the jury has made its final selection.

- The winners will be informed by a notary or other person of confidence in no way associated with the jury.

10.5. Selection Procedure

1) All eligible designs will be displayed and reviewed by the jury according to category.

2) Each proposal will be given by a preliminary score by all jury members, based on the assessment criteria specified in Section 8 of this Conditions of Competition.

3) All scores are tallied according to category; up to 5 highest scoring proposals for each plot are selected as shortlist for further review and consideration.

4) The jury will perform a second-round review of the shortlisted proposals and come up with a ranked list for each plot. The top ranked proposal will be the winner of the competition for the plot in question.

5) The two juries will perform a joint third-round review of the professional competition winners for all 13 plots and determine the class of the award, subject to the definition and limitation in Section 12.

10.6. Announcement of the Results

UIA, the Promoter and the Government of Ruichang will make a joint announcement of the winners. Press events may be organized to publicize the results of selection.

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