13. Other Conditions

13.1. Copyright

The copyright of a design rests absolutely with the proposing architect or proposing team.

(See UIA/UNESCO Guide Article 29-32)

13.2. Right of Use

1) The Promoter has the right to make one use of the winning design in the MOLEWA project. 

2) Further use of the design is subject to negotiation between the Promoter and the copyright holder.

3) The Promoter has the right to display the design and its author in publicity events and published materials and to identify its origin through the MOLEWA competition.

4) UIA has also the right to publish the winning designs and their authors on its website and newsletter.

13.3. Winner’s Participation in Later Stages of the Project Implementation

Because of regulatory and licensing considerations, it is necessary for the winners not registered by the Chinese authority to appoint and associate with a Chinese firm to carry out the execution of design, the land survey, engineering plan and construction of a winning design. 

13.4. Appeals

The Promoter does not respond to challenges or appeals to the selection decisions taken by the jury. Participants in the competition who allege procedural irregularities during the competition may take up the issue directly with the International Competition Commission of UIA, which will launch a due investigation of the allegation, with full cooperation from the Promoter.

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