9. Jury

Members of the MOLEWA completion jury are composed of as follows.

9.1. Number of Jury Groups is Two (2).

1) Jury group for the residential category

2) Jury group for the commercial and cultural category

9.2. Composition of Each Jury Group

1) Number of jury members is five (5), of which

-at least three (3) must be professional architects

-at least three (3) must be active and reside outside China

- one (1) must be representative of and nominated by UIA

2) Number of deputy jury members isone (1).

-the deputy jury member representative of and nominated by UIA

3) Role of deputy jury members

Deputies must attend all jury meetings, without having the right to vote, in order to replace a member in the event of illness or unavoidable absence which may occur during adjudication. The deputy will then officially replace the absent member until the end of the adjudication. (UIA/UNESCO Guide Article 36)

9.3. Jury Appointment

1) Jury is appointed by the Promoter upon the recommendation of UIA and/or other professional bodies.

2) The Promoter shall cover the expense (including the honorarium) of the jury during the adjudication process, as per UIA/UNESCO Guidelines Article 47.

9.4. Appointed Members of the MOLEWA Competition Jury

1) Residential category

-Jury-1: Mr. Mauricio Rivero Borrell Donath, Former Vice President, UIA, Mexico

-Jury-2: Mr. Cui Kai, China Architecture Design and Research Group, China

-Jury-3: Mr. Peter Head, Founder, Ecological Sequestration Trust, UK

-Jury-4: Mr. Bowen Leung, Special Advisor to the Board, Sands (China), Macau

-Jury-5 (UIA representative): Ms. Marianne Burkhalter, Burkhalter Sumi Archteketen, Switzerland

-Deputy Jury (UIA representative): Mr. Chun Gyu Shin, CGS Architects & Associates, Korea

2) Commercial and cultural category

-Jury-1: Mr. Ken Yeang, Ken Yeang Design International, Malaysia/UK

-Jury-2: Mr. Ashvinkumar s/o Kantilal, Ong&Ong, Former President of SIA, Singapore

-Jury-3: Mr. Silas Chiow, SOM, US

-Jury-4: Mr. Sean Hinton, Founder and CEO, Terbish Group, Australia

-Jury-5 (UIA representative): Ms. Jennifer Lee, OBRA Architects, US

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