8. Selection Criteria

The selection decision will be made through a comprehensive assessment of the submitted designs. The followings are the major aspects of the evaluation set for the jury and the weight given to each consideration is indicated in the parentheses.

8.1. Originality (25%)

1) Originality refers to ideas and concepts that are different or a unique or refreshing application of existing ideas and concepts to the problem at hand.

2) Originality is not “difference for difference’s sake” but must engender positive value in the opinion of the jury.

8.2. Quality (25%)

1) Professional quality is reflected in the way the contestant articulates, organizes, compares and illustrates the submitted design.

2) A high quality of work enables the jury to clearly grasp the intention of the design, understand the context in which the design is set, visualize the likely built form, and appreciate the architectural excellence of the contestant.

8.3. Cultural Expression (20%)

1) As a tourist destination, MOLEWA is intended to create a lasting impression on the visitors.

2) Through emotional resonance with the subject, the forms and structures of MOLEWA buildings will be projections of culture which will attract not only attention but also interpretation and discussion.

8.4. Sustainability (20%)

1) Sustainable design is a key to buildings that are energy efficient, harmonious with nature, and resonant with the human desire for a better world.

2) The competition will reward designs which cleverly integrate sustainable features to enhance the form and functionality of the building.

8.5. Reasonable Economical Consideration (10%)

1) Since the project is located in a medium-sized developing city and intended for replication in similar settings, economy of construction is an important factor affecting the viability of the concept.

2) The jury will examine whether the proposals are elaborated in this regard.

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